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Detox Centers in Ann Arbor supply a safe and medically supervised procedure for those who wish to take the first step towards recovery. The process of detoxification, also known as detox, aims to take away drugs and toxins from the body, but it is very important to take into account the difference between detox and rehab.  Detox alone is not treatment. Detox doesn’t need to be threatening if done in a controlled, medically supervised environment. Detox treatments range depending on which drug is being abused, and ‘cold turkey’ strategies aren’t suitable for all addictions.  In reality, cold turkey may also be unhealthy in a few cases, so Detox Ann Arbor makes use of secure and proven strategies that treat every client as individuals with different detox needs. To talk with a detox expert, call Detox Ann Arbor at (734) 415-4522 now!

What to Expect from Detox

Detox Ann Arbor offers a highly individualized detox procedure, however there are three basic stages that their clients can anticipate. Most importantly, every client is evaluated, a step that determines which substance, or substances, and in what quantities, are present in the client’s bloodstream. It is common for addicts to abuse a couple of drugs, occasionally in combination with alcohol, which will influence the detox strategies the client requires. After client evaluation, Detox in Ann Arbor begins to guide the patient through the process of detoxifying their body from drugs. Detox breaks the physical dependency to drugs, but it doesn’t rehabilitate the client, so Detox Ann Arbor urges their clients to transition right into a customized rehab treatment program as a way to support an enduring recovery.

Why Treatment Is Important

Although detox is an important first step for people suffering from drug and alcohol dependency, there are underlying psychological components that can complicate recovery if not accurately addressed. Detox is much more effective if followed by a rehab treatment program because treatment prepares addicts to battle their addiction in everyday life situations, and provides them the tools recognize and avoid triggers to drug and alcohol abuse. Relapse happens more often when detox is used on its own, and when addicts find themselves in the same situations and places where their drug and alcohol use was heaviest. Recovery is much more efficient when the addict removed from the surroundings that trigger their addictive behavior.


Since relapse is so much more common when detox is used as a stand-alone process, Detox Ann Arbor strongly recommends that their detox clients instantly progress right into a 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day rehab programs. Rehab reinforces detox, encouraging the recovering addict to stay clean and sober.  Group and individual counseling, access to the 12-step community, healthy diversions and physical activities, and beautiful, stress-free accommodations all contribute to the recovery procedure.  These environments are relaxed, as a way to reduce the temptation to use drugs, but also keep clients busy with programs designed to assist them succeed in their sobriety goals.

Take the First Step Today!

Detox is just a first step, and should be used alongside drug or alcohol rehab. Facilities that focus on detox are not able to reinforce their clients beyond step one, however Detox Ann Arbor is aware that their clients can maintain a sober and healthy way of life beyond detox with the help of a rehab program. Despite the fact that detox cleanses the body of drugs and pollutants, it doesn’t address the triggers responsible for drug and alcohol use in the first place. Facilities that only supply detox services can’t make any guarantees that their clients stay clean and sober forever, however Detox Ann Arbor, Michigan wants their clients to depart with the tools to fight addiction for the remainder of their lives. Speak with a detox professional regarding taking step one towards sobriety.  Call (734) 415-4522 now!